Brand Healthiness Auditing
Maintaining brand healthiness is always one of the major objectives of marketing. Consumers’ knowledge and awareness of the brand could directly influence buying behavior and brand reputation.

Digital media are excellent platforms to arouse consumers’ awareness towards the brand and to gain greater exposure to target consumers. Studies of brand healthiness on digital media are possible with the presence of KPIs and benchmarks developed by digital intelligence.

How we help?
Just like performing health checks for our bodies, checkups for brands are always important for the same purpose. Unfortunately, most brands may have totally neglected such importance until a serious breakdown occurs often leading to an irreversible damage.

We are able to provide all-round brand health consultation by monitoring and analyzing perception of your company in every digital media by understanding discussion volume, sentiments, patterns, user behaviors etc. Our KPIs, for example, the brand popularity index, brand threat level, consumer sentiment index and media coverage rate can always vividly explain each aspect of the brand health.