Social PR Monitoring
By reading two daily reports, evaluating the KPI and four sub-indexes, you can quickly understand your brands current social media status. Gain the valuable insights on what and who are talking about your brands in discussion-based media. Through these insights, you can know exactly what your consumer needs are and plan for the best social strategy today.
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What you get?
arrow Searches on the most comprehensive consumer content collections (forums, Weibo, newsgroup, blogs, video website and Q&A) in Greater China
arrow Identify potential threats to your brand from 350,000 new discussion posts and 70,000 unique authors every day
arrow Knowing the "Share of Voice" of your brand on discussion-based media
arrow Daily alerts to keep you informed about your brand’s social media status
arrow Full capture of netizens’ discussion contents and discussion sentiments to identify what they discussed, who participated the discussions, as well as when and where did they start the conversations
arrow Identify brand advocates and detractors, develop interactions with these targeted groups
arrow Gain insights and perform competitors benchmarking
arrow Ensure corporate messages are properly delivered to consumers without being sidetracked