K-Matrix CI Weibo
BaWang’s Shampoo has successfully handled the PR crisis in relation to the level of 1, 4-dioxane in their products with the use of weibo due to the astonishing penetration power and transmission speed of information over weibo platforms. But what about managing the spread of bad-mouths over weibo? How can Brands manage all of the contagious viral with confidence before the outbreak of any destructive crisis?

K-Matrix CI Weibo (“CI Weibo”) can examine brand awareness and exposure as well as monitor potential outbreak of crisis which may be threatening the brand.


Highlights of K-Matrix CI Weibo
arrow Collect all tweets in relation to the predetermined keyword sets
arrow Consolidate all comments and authors information in relation to the above-mentioned tweets
arrow Obtain number of tweets, following and followers of monitored pages
arrow Locate influencers
arrow Provide record of image and videos within tweets