The Importance of Digital Intelligence
All marketing will be dynamic and much more like the work of politicians, journalists and PR people as Digital Media move from the edge to the center of the mix. Digital Media has revolutionized the relationship between Brands and Consumers. It could bridge consumers with your brand, but it can also be a barricade if you are unable to understand features of the media and behaviors of users.


Relationship between Consumer and Digital Media
The flourishing Digital Media have becoming a part of Consumer’s life. The data available in the Digital Media indeed reflecting the everyday life of the consumer.

Empowered by technology, transparency and abundance of information, Consumer has growing reliance and trust on information appears in Digital Media. Information available in Digital Media closely affects Consumer’s decisions on daily basis.

Relationship between Brand and Digital Media
Digital Media produce both opportunities and threats for Marketers. Brands are surrounded by the fast and vast amount of uncontrollable information every single day created under the Digital Media era.

Brands are unable to escape from such threats, they must rather be able to prepare themselves in converting the threats into opportunities by effectively and efficiently turning information into Intelligence.

Search Engine
arrow Reflect the “first impression” of your brand to others
arrow Reach very mass target
arrow Instant influence on the image
arrow Results are highly trusted by users

b_google b_yahoo b_baidu
arrow Measure and predict the "Degree of Threats" of your brand in the digital world

Discussion-Based Media
arrow Huge volume of content generated by users
arrow Groups of people with common interest gather together

b_uwants b_tianya b_sina
arrow Investigate the "Reputation" of your brand in the social media

Social Networking Services
arrow People with close relationship gather together
arrow More social life sharing than information feeding
arrow The brand can reach the fans' friends to broaden the customer base

b_facebook b_renren b_kaxin
arrow Estimate the "Adhesiveness" of the consumers to your brand

arrow Huge volume of tweets posted and shared by users
arrow Amazing penetration power and transmission
arrow One of the most popular and fast-growing sites in China

arrow Monitor the “Reputation” and “Degree of Threats” of your brand in the digital world

Email & SMS Marketing
arrow Targets are existing customers or members
arrow Detailed information of the targets are logged

b_gmail b_ymail b_163mail
arrow Evaluate the "Loyalty" of the customers to your brand

arrow Taobao is the largest online shopping platform in the Greater China with over 370 million registered users
arrow Consumers will share comments on the purchased products

b_taobao b_tmall
arrow Measure the “Reputation” of your brand and products in the online marketplace