ALERT™ Model
K-Matrix's renowned ALERT™ Model is the key to open the door of Digital Intelligence and to enhance Brand’s performance on Digital Media engagement. ALERT™ model systematically organizes your thoughts and step-by-step selects the best Digital Intelligence Solutions in tackling the core concerns of Brands in the Digital Media Era 2.0.


Making profitable use of social media (eg. Facebook, Weibo, etc...) is one of the top agenda for companies, in fact, most of them are struggling with the problem how to turn merely communication to profitable activities. Traditionally, brand take fans count as their only KPI; however this is not the whole picture. In recent research, expert point out that the degree of interaction and engagement are the factors which truly reflects the adhesiveness to the brand. Therefore, companies can evaluate the performance of their own by tracking competitors' fan page and estimating the adhesiveness by the interactions analysis of the fans.

Brand loyalty is more than simple repurchasing, consumer with high brand loyalty will stick with purchasing one brand, even other brands provide cheaper and better quality products. Traditionally, this is extremely hard to measure brand loyalty. However, under using digital intelligence tools, brand loyalty can easily be determined though tracking consumer's daily action preferences such as E-mail open rate, click rate, track of users' pattern and behavior.

There’s no point in having a promotional campaign if nobody knows about it. Indeed, the more audiences a brand can reach, the higher the opportunity in making some extra dollars. Increasing brand exposure is always an important task of marketers. With the help of digital intelligence tools, we are able to measure exposure of brands and/or campaigns as well as identifying feedbacks from audiences.

"Word of mouth" always is a key factor to a successful business, especially in this digital era. In the past, people are difficult to influence a large scale of people. Therefore, word of mouth is hardly under artificial constructed. However, with today's internet infrastructure, people don't have to be wildly popular industry leader in order to have such social network, they can have relatively large dominate power in their social group though writing comments in the blogs, forums and newsgroups. Tracking the brand reputation in the digital world is a "must" for today marketing.

Degree of Threats
Threats come with the "bad names" and "bad reputation". In the old days, measuring threats are extremely time consuming and difficult, as these factors are hard to quantified, therefore, corporations usually identify threats until those "threats" after broadcasted by the press. With today's digital intelligence service, this is another story. Nowadays, marketing people can easily identify or even foresee threats by checking the brands ranking, click rate and sentiment in most influencing search engines. Since marketing people can acutely located these factors, most PR crisis and can be prevented or eliminated within a blink.