Who We Are
Founded in 2004, K-Matrix Group is the leader in digital intelligence analysis in Hong Kong. We joined the incubation program of Hong Kong Science Park in 2005 and started developing a series of cutting edge analytics tools and systems for sophisticated digital intelligence analysis.

Started with grasping the huge database, K-Matrix got well prepared to enter the China market in 2007. Our database has full coverage of the Greater China regions and we have full team of professionals in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou to provide an excellent and accurate platform of strategic navigation for mainland clients.

From 2009, we set up core software's research and development team, network monitoring and market research team in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai to provide sophisticated digital intelligence analysis and solutions.

K-Matrix owns the most comprehensive and advanced digital intelligence analytics system and the experienced digital research team. We believe in professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness which lead us to be the best digital intelligence and digital marketing communications company in Greater China.